About us

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) comprise interacting special-purpose embedded systems and software to physical (human, biological, economical) components, engineered to guarantee non-functional requirements like trust, security, safety, etc. Today, a precursor generation of cyber-physical systems can be found in areas like aerospace, automotive, chemical processes, civil infrastructure, energy, healthcare, transportation, and entertainment. Some quite related terms to CPS include Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet, “Smart” Anything (e.g., City, Cars, Home, etc.), Digitalization, “Industry 4.0″ and the like.

Cyber-Physical Systems Society of Iran (CPSSI) was established with the aim to facilitate the collaboration among experts, scientists, students, and the corresponding institutes (research centers, universities, the industry) of CPS-related fields. The major goals followed in our collaborations include, but not limited to:

  • Applied research in multi-disciplinary fashions
  • Education and curriculum evaluation
  • Motivating researchers, industry men, and students to work in this emerging multi-disciplinary field of research
  • Supporting national/international events, theses, and publications
Statute of Cyber Physical Society of Iran